Is the price of properties in the Punjab region increasing or decreasing?

This very much depends on the type of property in question, its location and its condition.  We would be more than happy to discuss your individual circumstances with you and provide you with an indication of the likely demand your property may receive.

Upon the sale of a property in the Punjab, can we have the money transferred to the UK?

This is possible but the location of the property in question will determine the final answer. It will depend upon where the property is located because that will determine whether tax is to be paid upon its sale.

What is the value of property in the Punjab?

Punjab is a vast area and the value of property varies throughout the region.  The type of property in question will also impact upon its value.  We will endeavour to provide you with an accurate value of property.

What are your procedures?

We offer a free property survey and valuation If then you wish to continue with our services, then we will charge 5% commission of the property’s sale value.

Do you buy land yourselves or do you find other buyers?

We find buyers and financiers to purchase and invest in the property we are asked to sell.

How quickly would you be able to achieve a sale for my property?

This depends on the location of the property.  On average, we have been able to provide our customers with the service they require within 6 months.

We think our land has been sold inappropriately but we do not have any documents to prove this. What do you suggest?

Our company is able to source the correct documents relating to your property. We have been able to achieve this for several of our customers.

How can inheritance property be transferred to additional owners?

In India, inheritance property can always be transferred to various family members.

Someone has taken possession of our property, but how do we claim the land or property back?

Whoever has taken possession of your property automatically receives the main rights of that land/property but this not mean they own the property.  It is advisable that as a first step, you negotiate directly with these persons. If this matter remains unresolved, then you will have to go the Punjab courts, quoting Act B13. This can take up to 12 months to finalise.

If I want to sell property in the Punjab, do I physically have to go to India myself?

This is not necessary. We are able to prepare all the documentation for you.

If I want to transfer property to my children (UK born), do they have to go to India themselves?

No. Buyers will not need to be physically present in India.

How can I find out if property is under my name? What do I do?

NRI Properties have an experienced team in India who are able to retrieve the correct Registry Documents.

Can I buy agricultural land in India although I live here in the UK?  

This is not possible, unless you get permission from the RBI (Reserve Bank of India).

How quickly can the funds be transferred from India when property/land is sold successfully?

Buyers will give a deposit of between 10%-25%. The balance will be paid to the seller upon completion.

How do I know as a customer that I can trust your services?

We are a registered and limited company, with an established reputation in the UK and over 15 years experience in the Industry. We have a large base of satisfied customers for whom we have acted in recent years.