Thinking of buying a property in the Punjab? Our experienced team can give you fair and impartial advice on the fair value of a property so you get the best possible price. We also thoroughly check the background on all of our properties to best advise you of any open or past disputes or issues. Our operatives manage your purchase all the way through to registering the appropriate details on the land registry.


Everyone wants to get the best price for a property and with NRI Properties you are in safe hands.  As well as our professional advice on valuation and quality management covering all aspects of your case we thoroughly vet all potential buyers.


Sometimes a properties true value can be tough to assess, and market trends often do not correspond in with public records.  We endeavour to give you an accurate and honest valuation on all properties we deal with, helping alleviate the pressure of important real estate decisions. We offer both written and verbal valuations.

Transfer of Ownership

Apart from the sale and purchase of a property, sometimes property ownership needs to be transferred due to inheritance or even when property is donated as a gift. This can be a troublesome process if you are inexperienced in dealing with these matters.  However, our experienced staff will endeavour to get the best resolution for you as soon as possible.

Power of Attorney

At NRI Properties Ltd, we recognise that it is not always easy to travel to India to oversee the various transactions.  Our Power of Attorney services can make the process quick and easy.  We would always advise that you give a PoA to someone who is most trustworthy.

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