For years the news pages have been peppered with horror stories of NRI’s trying to process property transactions or resolve property disputes in India.

Even when vested interests are not involved, the Indian real estate market can be difficult and almost impossible for an NRI to navigate without inside help.

The barriers are numerous, and language is just the first of them. Each state does the legal paperwork in the state’s official language, which is a huge roadblock if you wish to handle the paperwork yourself.

Other obstacles are dealing with the infamous Indian red tape, understanding the local nuances and coordinating with a seller or a buyer who lives in a different time zone.

Property Consultants navigate this obstacle course for you in a cost-and-time-effective manner. We put the peace back in your real estate forays.

Seek the right advice

  • As tempting as it is to bank on family and friends in India to give you sound advice in property dealings, it is not always the right path to opt for. You can never be sure of their intentions nor can you be sure of their expertise, and the wrong advice can set you back by years, as well as additional costs that occur.
  • It is important that you seek out professional aid right at the start of any real estate deal in India for a hassle free experience that is executed without unnecessary delays.

Who to trust

  • Trust is a two-pronged issue in India.
  • Despite India’s economic growth, the charm of the NRI money remains the same, especially when it comes to rural or small town India. Many locals view NRIs as a chance to make a quick deal.
  • Before you step into a property agreement, you need to arm yourself with knowledge, professional help, a keen sense of who you can trust and the awareness that you have to tread with caution.
  • It is advisable to employ a professional with no connection to your relatives back in India to safeguard your interests.
  • The other aspect of this is finding the right property investor. We make it a point to connect our clients with only the best and the most trustworthy investors.

Navigating the system

  • Like every country, India has a unique system of operation — at the governmental level as well as the sociocultural level.
  • Navigating this system, understanding the processes takes time even after years of working within the system.

NRI Properties have mastered the art of doing so promptly and within a reasonable price range. We stand as the bridge between you and the government officials, the property dealers and the locals.