Why Property Rates Are Down in Punjab

Why Property Rates Are Down in Punjab – Purchasing your own property is a dream of many people in India. Property purchasing is an important decision in one’s life. Connecting with a real estate builder will prove to be a great help for you. Punjab is an amazing state for buying a property. You may be thinking why property rates are down in Punjab. We will tell you the complete details...

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Real Estate Investment In Punjab

Real estate is one of the most flourishing businesses in the world and the amount of money and revenue generated from this sector amounts to trillions of dollars across the globe. Real estate simply implies about a property that consist of land and the buildings on it, the natural resources present in the property such as crops, minerals, water or any other immovable asset on it. Today, the profes...

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Seek Assistance And Sell Property From UK

Non Resident Indians (NRI) can transfer title of their inherited property to their name. However, one cannot take a sigh of relief only by transferring the title of the property. Selling of the inherited property can be a taxing task as most of the non-residential Indians are not familiar with the process that is involved in buying, selling or renting of any kind of properties. This is where a rea...

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Why Buying Agricultural Land in Punjab is the Best Option

There are various real estate agents in India that help in buying or selling property in India, and especially agricultural land that is inherited from ancestors. The task of selling or buying agricultural land in Punjab, especially for an uncertain property need to be administered very well, and that is made possible with the support of experienced agents. Contacting an experienced prop...

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Selling Property In Punjab

Non Resident Indians (NRI), who left India many years ago do find themselves amidst troublesome situations after they inherit their ancestral properties. Punjab, which is one of the most developed states in India, is also home to many Non Resident Indians (NRI). There have been many instances of Non Resident Indians being duped in India, while trying to sell their property. Incidents have also com...

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NRI Properties Ltd is a professionally-managed Real Estate Company, driven by the passion to provide Non Resident Indians reliable property related solutions. We are the perfect place for Non Resident Indian's living abroad to buy litigation free properties in India and receive assistance regarding selling properties. We are well versed in handling matters related to Agricultural Land, Commercial Land, Commercial Properties, Residential Plots, and Residential Properties.

Our Team provides solutions with the aid of a team of extremely talented real estate professionals, which include financial consultants, legal specialists, corporate professionals etc.  They have been recruited following rigorous hiring procedures and have years of experience and vast knowledge of their spheres.  Professionals in our team are skilled and capable of supervising work in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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